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Take & Bake

since 2014

    In a kitchen far, far away from her own, Aunalee envisioned having a culinary dream that would take over the church potlucks.  She wanted to be able to provide home cooked meals for single parents, elderly as well as those just simply did not know how to cook.  She was blessed to be able to launch her business in 2010 with a little vision from her mother, Veda Burton, who joins her on the culinary experience!  Aunalee's culinary expertise ranges from everything such as southern favorites like beef tips and rice up to a French favorite such as chicken cordon bleu!  

When Aunalee and Veda are not in the kitchen whipping up some of your favorite home cooked meals, you will catch them shopping at Matilda Jane or Kendra Scott with Aunalee's two beautiful daughters Blakelee & Rynlee.

It all began one day when Aunalee had a dream...
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